The projects listed below are affiliated with the Center for Humanities and Digital Research and share its goal of pursuing collaborative, interdisciplinary humanities computing research.

The work here is supported by a variety of public and private funding agencies, including the National Endowment for the Humanities, the Florida Humanities Council, the Veterans Administration, and the University of Central Florida.

If you are a faculty or staff member at UCF with a project idea, or a graduate or undergraduate student who wants to work on digital humanities projects, please contact us.

Active Projects

Florida-France Soldier Stories

This project seeks to tell the stories of the Florida soldiers buried in the American Battle Monuments Commission cemeteries in France.

Lead: Amelia Lyons
Professor, History

Samuel Johnson's Dictionary

This project will create an online edition of Samuel Johnson’s Dictionary of the English Language with functionality comparable to other modern, scholarly dictionaries.

Lead: Beth Rapp Young
Professor, English

Charles Brockden Brown

This project aims to identify, transcribe, organize, and ultimately edit Brown's uncollected writings, making them searchable.

Lead: Mark Kamrath
Professor, English


Presenting the stories of communities, businesses, and institutions in Florida, RICHES seeks to provide the region with a deeper sense of its heritage.

Lead: Connie Lester
Professor, History

Historical Agricultural News

This project explores Chronicling America for information on the farming organizations, technologies, and practices of America’s past.

Lead: Amy Giroux
Assoc. Director, CHDR

Veterans Legacy Program

Helping to share the stories of service and sacrifice from the 136 national cemeteries with younger students and the general public.

Lead: Amelia Lyons
Assoc. Professor, History

Zora Neale Hurston Digital Archive

The archive provides a repository of biographical, historical, critical, and other contextual materials related to Hurston's life and work.

Lead: Anna Lillios
Professor, English

Digital Archiving Resources

DAR gathers items relating to digital archives in the humanities as part of an effort to provide access to the materials and awareness of the emerging field.

Lead: Mark Kamrath
Professor, English

Vayots Dzor Fortress Landscapes

VDFLP is a research program dedicated to the investigation of the historical development of fortress culture in a high alpine region of Armenia.

Lead: Tiffany Earley-Spadoni
Asst. Professor, History

ELLE The EndLess Learner

ELLE is an endless-runner style language learning game which delivers fast-paced, engaging gameplay alongside rapid language acquisition.

Lead: Emily Johnson
Asst. Professor, English


“I Am UCF” is a cross-disciplinary effort to create digital stories representing the diverse narratives of the University of Central Florida campus body.

Lead: Elizabeth Brendel Horn
Asst. Professor, Theatre

Middle Passage Experience

This virtual reality expereince documents the transitional period from Africa to the Americas for those imprisoned and enslaved in the 16th and 17th centuries.

Lead: Yovanna Pineda
Assoc. Professor, English

Elizabeth Graeme Fergusson

Fergusson's intellectual breadth and originality is apparent in her archived writings, produced over a fifty-five year writing career.

Lead: Lisa Logan
Assoc. Professor, English


PRINT examines the evolution of communication networks among religious dissenters in England and continental Europe, using innovative maping technology.

Lead: Rosalind Beiler
Professor, History

Archived Projects

Flickering Landscapes

The conference examined the filming of Florida’s unique landscape, Florida’s filmmaking history, and Florida’s cultural identity on film.

Lead: Phil Peters
Professor, Film


ChinaVine's mission is to educate English-speaking/reading children, youth, and adults about China's cultural heritage through this interactive website.

Lead: Bruce Janz
Professor, Philosophy


Allows users to virtually visit the 1964-1965 New York World’s Fair where and access digitized photographs, documents, and archival film footage.

Lead: Lori Walters
Assoc. Professor, History

Interactive Expeditions

Employs modern satellite technology and video conferencing to connect at-home learners with instructors who are live in the field.

Lead: Phil Peters
Professor, Film

Space, Science, and Spirituality

An investigation, both theoretically and empirically, into the effects of outer space travel on the inner space of experience.

Lead: Shaun Gallagher
Professor, IST

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