Evan Wallace

Graduate Research Associate


Evan is currently a 3rd year student in the Texts & Technology PhD program here at UCF. He holds a Master’s degree in History from Appalachian State (2018) where he worked in the Digital Scholarship & Initiatives department, prior to that he got his Bachelor’s degree in History and Religious Studies from UCF in 2016. His technical background is in front-end web development, digital media creation (Adobe Creative Cloud), and web based analytics. In CHDR, Evan has been involved in the PRINT project based out of the department of history here at UCF. In addition, Evan has contributed various graphics, web content updates, and other maintenance related tasks to various projects in CHDR.

When not working for his vicious overlords in CHDR, Evan enjoys spending time with his wife and his cats Fyodor and Felix. His hobbies include reading, hydroponics, and spending far too much time on YouTube. Evan's research involves how individuals and groups use alternative and pseudo-histories online to assert enthocentric nationalistic identities in Eastern Europe. He is currently set to finish his PhD in Spring 2022.
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Projects & Talks

A selection of projects, tasks, and talks I have worked on while in CHDR.

Project/Event Dates Description Links
PRINT: Network Visualization AUG 2020 → PRESENT Continuing PRINT's GEPHI network visualizations of the Pemberton and Nuttal Correspondence which has been compiled. PRINT Website →
PRINT: Introduction to Transcription Video Series OCT 2019 → AUG 2020 An educational video series on paleography, the art of reading historical handwriting. The series focuses around the Pemberton Papers, a collection of historical documents housed in UCF's STARS repository. Video Series →
PRINT: Dynamics of Early Modern Migration AUG 2018 → PRESENT Graphic design, website updates, geolocation tools research, and other general tasks in coordination with Dr. Rosalind Beiler and Dr. Amy Giroux. PRINT Website →
Peru Digital/Vine Archive MAR 2020 → JULY 2020 Prepared the Peru Digital/Peru Vine Project (Flash) website for digital archive and sanitized directory. Link Forthcoming →
FLDH Website Updates JAN 2020 → MAR 2020 Content updates and corrections only newly migrated Florida Digital Humanities Consortium website. FLDH Website →
Convergence Rhetoric Website Updates FEB 2020 Website updates for the undergraduate journal Convergence Rhetoric. Convergence Rhetoric Website →
ELLE Instructional Video JAN 2020 Video preparation for instructional video on how to set-up and start and instance of the VR project ELLE: Endless Learner. ELLE Video →
Digital Toolbox Talk: Leaflet.js 11 NOV 2019 A CHDR talk given by Dr. Rosalind Beiler (Department of History, UCF), Mr. Casey Carnes, and I on how to use Leaflet.js when examining geospatial historical data by creating custom tiles. Presentation Video →
CHDR Website Updates 11 NOV 2019 Some occassional content updates to the old Center for Humanities and Digital Research Website. CHDR Website →
Johnson's Dictionary Image Mock-Up OCT 2018 → DEC 2018 Generated images in photoshop to demonstrate functionality of proposed updates to Samuel Johnson's dictionary website for use in grants. Minor revisions to actual website. Johnson's Dictionary Website →