Space, Science & Spirituality

Berlin Workshop

Space, Science, and Spirituality is a two-year research project funded by The John Templeton Foundation involving collaboration among researchers from the ACTIVE Lab and the E2i Creative Studio/Media Convergence Lab at the Institute for Simulation & Training and the Department of Philosophy at the University of Central Florida, the Research Group on Bildakt and Embodiment at the Humboldt University (Berlin) and the Philosophy Department at the University of Memphis.

"There is a clarity, a brilliance to space that simply doesn't exist on Earth. And nowhere else can you. . . be so awed."
Astronaut Gus Grissom, USA

This project brings together a research team of scientists, philosophers, and scholars in the humanities to investigate, both theoretically and empirically, the effects of outer space travel on the inner space of experience. The project focuses on experiences of awe, wonder, curiosity and humility during space flight as reported by astronauts.

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