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Daria Sinyagovskaya

Texts and Technology Ph.D. candidate, University of Central Florida

About Me:

It is fascinating how eXtended Reality (VR/AR/MR) technology allows people to connect to new virtual worlds and immersive scenarios anywhere at any time. The affordances of eXtended reality can benefit language learning by providing new contexts and methods in a classroom or independently. I am interested in exploring the effects of eXtended reality technology on learning and motivation in a foreign language. My objectives are to work in a teaching or research position in one following academic fields: digital media, digital humanities, digital Asian studies, and modern digital languages. I anticipate defending my dissertation in Fall 2022. In my Ph.D. program, I have developed skills in design and developing, database programming (MongoDB), mobile development, AR, social media, and Adobe Creative Suite.

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Hanyu Pinyin


Using AR Articulatory Stimulator for Chinese language Pronunciation Practice: Effects on Learning Performance and Motivation

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You are invited to participate in this research on digital media and Chinese language. We invite you to take part in this study because you are an adult of 18 years or older and you are interested in learning foreign languages. This is a beginner Chinese practice, so if you already have a level of Intermediate or higher, you are not eligible to participate in this study.

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