UCF's Center for Humanities & Digital Research

The Center for Humanities and Digital Research at the University of Central Florida was founded in 2007, and succeeded the Humanities Center Initiative, which has hosted conferences and speakers and supported research projects since 2005.

The mission of the UCF Center for Humanities and Digital Research (CHDR) is to serve as an engine for cross-disciplinary collaboration, multi-institutional partnerships, sponsored research and publication, community engagement, and public humanities programming. It facilitates the exchange of ideas and the sharing of knowledge through the co-hosting of workshops, consortia, and conferences.

The CHDR provides space, resources, expertise, programming, and digital research support both for individuals and scholars who seek to collaboratively address issues of central concern to our time and place, to connect history to the present, and to explore new ways of understanding, and educating others about, the diversity of cultures and ideas in our society and around the globe.

The “humanities” are understood in a broad sense to include the traditional disciplines such as History, Philosophy, English, and Languages, area studies such as Women's Studies, African American Studies, Latin American Studies, and Judaic Studies, as well as the fine and performing arts, and also scientific, social scientific, technical, and professional disciplines that have humanistic components within them.

1. connecting faculty working on similar issues or problems within and beyond the College of Arts and Humanities,
2. providing tangible support for research in the form of grant writing assistance, exhibition funding, a distinguished lecture series and forums, and scholarly conferences,
3. interpreting and promoting faculty and student work in public venues that benefit the University of Central Florida community and the larger Orlando metropolitan area, and
4. connecting with scholars and projects in Florida, across the US, and throughout the world.

The humanities center has a special mandate in the digital humanities, that is, to provide students opportunities for high impact learning experiences with tools and techniques based in computing for creating, archiving, cataloguing, investigating, and disseminating material related to human experience and representation, as well as in the investigation of the impact of the digital world on human meaning. As the digital environment has evolved into both a research and an authoring space, digital humanities blurs the boundary between scholarship and creative work. Digital technology allows the study of traditional and recent material in new ways, and it also provides new paradigms of scholarship as the tools for research become new environments for study and new sites for human expression.


Bruce Janz

Mark Kamrath

Scot French
Associate Director

Amy Giroux
Associate Director

Mike Shier
Coordinator of Publication Services and Journals Manager

Current Graduate Research Associates

Jesslyn Parrish

Daria Sinyagovskaya

Mia Tignor

Evan Wallace

Former Graduate Research Associates

Mark Kretzschmar

Rachel Winter


The Center for Humanities and Digital Research helps support the College of Arts and Humanities digital humanities curriculum at the graduate and undergraduate levels:

Texts and Technology Ph.D. program
Digital Humanities Minor